Australia's Leaders in
Vehicle Remanufacturing

Manufacturing Facility Based in Brisbane QLD

Australian Industry Leaders

Leading Edge Solutions in Australian Automotive Conversions

We combine our pioneering approach with our own state-of-the-art Steering Transfer Technology, revolutionising the landscape of Australian automotive conversions. Our dedication to innovation cements our position as leaders in the industry.

Safety & Reliability

Unwavering Commitment to Australian Road Safety Standards

We’ve been committed to producing ADR-compliant vehicles since 2012. With meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control, our final customers can experience optimal safety standards while manoeuvring through the expansive terrains of Australia.

Manufacturing Aussie Jobs

Driving Australian Job Growth through Innovation and Expertise

As an Australian Owned company, we’re dedicated to generating Australian jobs through our automotive conversion operations. By prioritising local talent and resources, we contribute to the growth of the domestic workforce and the overall economy.


Bay Integrity



As a premier vehicle remanufacturer in the global right-hand drive (RHD) market, we leverage our innovative Steering Transfer® Technology. We are the exclusive remanufacturer for the AUSMV national network, showcasing our expertise and commitment. We prioritise excellence, safety, and reliability in all operations while contributing to the growth of the Australian economy.