Factory Capabilities

Premier vehicle remanufacturer in the
global right-hand drive market.


LHD to RHD Remanufacture

Leveraging our advanced Steering Transfer® Technology, we expertly convert left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles into right-rand drive (RHD) models, showcasing our commitment to industry-leading innovation and operational excellence.

Chassis Extensions/Cab Chop

With a sharp focus on precision, we skilfully execute chassis extensions and cab alterations, providing tailored solutions that enhance our competitive edge and demonstrate our dedication to meeting diverse demands.

Cab Extensions

Through our specialized techniques, we adeptly perform cab extensions, strategically enhancing our product portfolio to cater to evolving preferences and reinforcing our position as an industry leader.

ADR Compliance

Committed to meeting Australian Design Rules (ADR) requirements, we meticulously ensure that our vehicles adhere to the highest safety and quality standards, demonstrating our dedication to regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Vehicle Armouring

Utilising cutting-edge materials and expert craftsmanship, we provide comprehensive vehicle armouring solutions, emphasising our commitment to risk management and value protection in high-potential segments.

EV Conversions

Leading the way in sustainable mobility, we specialise in seamless conversions of LHD electric vehicles (EVs) to RHD models. Leveraging our advanced electrification expertise, we deliver innovative solutions that highlight our commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.


LHD to RHD Remanufacture

Cab Extensions

Chassis Extensions/Cab Chop

Future Projects

In our future endeavours, we aim to venture into seamless electric vehicle (EV) conversions of existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Our upcoming initiatives reflect our commitment to eco-friendly transportation and technological advancement.

We have partnered with Australian Vehicle Certification for ADR testing and compliance.