Steering Transfer® Technology

The first ADR-approved steering transfer
with zero play and backlash.

Precision Preservation

OEM Steering, Braking, and Suspension Performance

Maintaining the factory precision in steering, braking, and suspension ensures that our vehicles retain their original handling and performance capabilities, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable driving experience across various road conditions.

Engine Bay Integrity

Maintained OEM Configuration

The integrity of our vehicles’ engine bays remains intact through the preservation of the original configuration specified by the manufacturer. This preservation ensures that the engine operates within its designated space seamlessly, facilitating optimal functionality and streamlined maintenance for efficient and reliable performance.

Flexible Integration

Compatibility with OEM and Aftermarket Additions

Our remanufactured vehicles offer compatibility with both original manufacturer spare parts and aftermarket accessories, allowing final customers to tailor them to their specific needs and preferences without compromising performance or functionality.

Minimal Alterations, Maximum Safety

Risk Reduction through Limited Modifications

Prioritising safety on the road, the emphasis on minimal modifications significantly reduces the risk associated with potential complications or unexpected issues, ensuring a reliable and secure driving experience, providing peace of mind during journeys.

Steering Transfer Technology is a registered trademark of SCD Remanufactured Vehicles.